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Unpacking the drone and getting ready for launch takes less than 10 minutes. When it’s time, just throw the drone into the air and begin working. Or rather, the drone works for you; activate the survey mode watch it cover the area you’ve specified with the software. When it’s time to land, our system gives you the option to land in an assisted mode where the drone is guided manually for pinpoint landings. This enables the drone to land where other drones can’t.


Once you’ve downloaded all the photos and data from your flight, you’re in possession of a goldmine of knowledge. With our software you’re able to analyze fields, forests, quarries and other environments down to astonishingly precise detail. If the analyzing task seems daunting, we’re always glad to help you unleash the power of your data.

We've been a Complete Construction, Survey & Geospatial Solutions Provider since 1954. We have been selling & training on UAS & UAV mapping & surveying systems since 2013. ​How can we help you get an edge on the competition by utilizing aerial technology?

About the Caron companies

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It's a jungle out there, and navigating it requires a real pro.
You can count on Caron and SmartPlanes to clear up the UAS confusion.


We offer Smartplanes products on GSA Schedule 66 contract # GS07F207CA if you are a Federal buyer!


The Smartplanes system includes mission planning and flight planning software that runs on any standard laptop. Using an intuitive interface you are able to outline the area you want surveyed, or plan an exact route for the drone.